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Live performance photography: Semolina Pilchard

Semolina and Pilchard are not a combination that usually go together but earlier this month at the Witchwood, Ashton Under-Lyne, Manchester the Beatles tribute band Semolina Pilchard performed a tasty blend of classic Beatles songs going back to 1963. They covered tracks from all the classic albums including; Please Please  Me, Sergeant Pepper and the White Album.

From the start of the gig the audience rocked and it was great to see such a mixed age group (not just first generation Beatle fans) enjoying the experience. Every live performance has its dramas and this was no exception. The lead singer Paul Brierly had lost his voice earlier in the day due to illness and was forced to find someone to cover at short notice. Paddy O’Hare, front man from the local band Fink Ployd stepped in and did a brilliant job and considering how little time he had had to prepare you wouldn’t have known he wasn’t a permanent member of this band.

Photographing the band was a pleasure. I was given free access to all areas and was made to feel welcome both on and off stage.  With the stage being fairly small and cramped it was difficult to shoot around the mike stands and speakers etc. so I had to focus mainly on close ups. It was challenging catching the significant moments with the changing light but then that’s what makes gig photography so interesting.

To see more photographs from this gig click here.



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Joining Women for Women International on the Bridge

When I was asked to go to London to photograph the ‘Join Me On The Bridge Event’ for Women for Women International marking their 100th anniversary, I jumped at the chance.

Women for Women International has a vision of a world where no one is abused, in poverty, illiterate or marginalized; where members of communities have full and equal participation in the processes that ensure their health, well-being and economic independence; and where everyone has the freedom to define the scope of their life, their future and strive to achieve their full potential.

In the UK, more than 400 events were held including the mass march across the Millennium Bridge, in London, led by the musician Annie Lennox, social activist Bianca Jagger, Helen Pankhurst and actor Cherie Lunghi. The event was marked by the release of hundreds of white ballons from the Millenium Bridge to highlight the plight of women in Afghanistan.

I was inspired and moved by the speeches at the Royal Assembly Hall and my heart went out to the 100 women who stood on a bridge for 15 minutes in Kabul in a couragous display of  defiance and solidarity. Shortly after they left the bridge two bombs exploded close by.

If you would like to read more about this event click here and for more information about Women for Women International click here. To see more images of the event click here.



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