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Portrait photography with singer songwriter Kieran McMahon

Portrait photography singer songwriter Kieran McMahon.

Portrait photography for Saddleworth based singer songwriter Kieran McMahon.

I’ve been watching Kieran for some time after photographing him playing at the Saddleworth Folk Festival. He’s a talented singer song writer and, considering he is still at school, has bags of confidence and a strong set. He asked me to help him promote his music with a few portrait shots which I was glad to do. We settled for something simple with attitude and a touch of grunge. Urban grunge isn’t commonplace in Saddleworth but, if you can find places where authority doesn’t hangout, you’ll find it.

The portraits were taken at a location close to the Satellite Centre in Greenfield, Saddleworth.

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Press photography: Sheep shearing at the Hanging Gate, Diggle

Press photography - hanging gate, diggle

Press photography – Australian style sheep shearing competition at the Hanging Gate, Diggle.

It’s been an interesting year for me photographically. I’ve been involved with several local events which have all been great for photographing life  in Saddleworth. This sheep shearing event was no exception. Watching Carl Benton, the landlord of the Hanging Gate, shear a sheep in record time in bright, hot sunlight would have looked normal in central Australia but, this was Sunday afternoon in Diggle. It amazes me that in an area surrounded by sheep farms, an activity like this feels so unfamiliar. I really value the reminder that…I live in the countryside.

See Diggle News and The Saddleworth Independent

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Documentary Photography: Diggle’s windy Whit Walk

Documentary Photography: Diggle's windy Whit Walk

Documentary photography – Diggle’s windy, wet Whit Walk to Uppermill in Saddleworth 

Large numbers of walkers turned out in their Sunday best for the annual 2013 Whit Walk in Diggle, despite the weather being extremely testing. How the banner holders managed to stay on their feet in gale force winds was amazing. It gave me a real sense of pride watching ‘Northern grit’ win the day.


Diggle and Uppermill, Saddleworth

Click on this link or the image to go to the gallery.

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Live Performance Photography Saddleworth: The Collective and Barclay James Harvest

live performance photography saddleworth

Live performance photography Saddleworth for The Collective and Barclay James Harvest at the Swan in Dobcross, Saddleworth

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the live performance photographs for the Collective and Barclay James Harvest at the Swan Public House, Dobcross, Saddleworth, Oldham. Paddy O’Hare and Mike Sweeney have been building a loyal following around the North West and are not slow when it comes to getting the message out. So how they kept this gem in the bag, I have no idea but,  it delighted their fans when, unexpectedly,  Barclay James Harvest arrived and supported the band.

Follow this link to see more live performance photographs.

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Press Photography Saddleworth: Diggle Cake Race

Press Photography Saddleworth - diggle cake racePress photography Saddleworth – photos of the Diggle Cake Race


Photographs taken on Boat Lane, Diggle, close to the Diggle Hotel.

Runners starting out on the Diggle Cake Race. The winner covered the cross country course over the Pennines to Marsden and back in just over an hour.

The race is called the ‘cake race’  because members of Kilngreen Church in Diggle bake cakes for all the finishing runners.

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Concert photography Saddleworth: Diggle Blues Festival 2013

Concert photography SaddleworthConcert photography Saddleworth for the 2013 Diggle Blues Festival in Diggle, Oldham, Greater Manchester

Producing images for the Diggle Blues Festival is straightforward but choosing which to use to promote the event is a challenge. I usually pick out my favourite photographs then delegate the job of choosing to someone else. It’s good for me as it allows me to see what others find interesting. With some artists like Victor Brox, photography is easy as his presence and personality go hand-in-hand with his music. Just point and shoot, you’ll always get the shot.

Follow this link to see photographs of the festival.

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Broadfield Park Wedding Photographs: Rochdale

Broadfield Park Wedding PhotographsBroadfield Park wedding photographs for Bob and Jayne at the Broadfield Park Hotel, Rochdale.


This is a good venue for a wedding, located close to Broadfield Park near Rochdale Town Hall. There isn’t much room for photography in the gardens of the hotel but the surrounding park is ideal.

In the park there are a number of spots which lend themselves well to wedding photography. You need some luck with the weather but the bandstand, bridge, woods and green spaces are all ideal. We had bright sunshine on the day of Bob and Jayne’s wedding so having access to shade from the trees was great. Having a variety of settings is great for me, as a wedding photographer, as it provides flexibility and allows me the freedom to explore my creative vision.

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Press photography: Woolyknits, Diggle

press photography - woollyknitsPress photography for Woolyknits highlighting the courses and activities taking place at their base in Wharf Mill, Diggle, Saddleworth.


It’s so relaxed! Just put your feet up and sit back.

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