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Wedding photography for Robert and Helen at the Peacock Hotel, Bakewell

wedding_peacock_hotel_bakewellWedding photography for Robert and Helen
The Peacock Hotel, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England

“Stuart was already a good friend when he offered to take the photographs at our wedding. It was a very small and quiet wedding and Stuart managed to beautifully capture the emotion and enjoyment felt by those attending, despite having less scope than he might be used to with bigger events. He chose his moments with tact and insight, and without making himself the centre of proceedings, producing images which captured the intimacy and fun of the day. Our families enjoyed his company and felt completely at ease.

Looking at his photographs of the day, in the photo book produced from his images, never fails to bring a smile to all those who share it with us. There are moments that would have disappeared forever from our memories were it not for the sensitivity, creativity and sense of story-telling which Stuart brought to the task.

We would have always invited Stuart to our wedding but we could never have known how much love and fun he would leave in our hearts with his images of the day.” Robert and Helen

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